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10 Wardrobe essentials every woman should own

Updated: May 30, 2020

Never be caught without something to wear again! Thanks to these 10 wardrobe esssentials  that make day to day dressing infinitely easier.

1. Plain White Tee

Is there anything more versatile? Whether you layer this perfect T-shirt under a sweater or over a tank top, tuck it into a skirt or let it hang free with a pair of denim cutoffs, you can trust it on every aspect.

2.Ballet Flats

There’s a reason everyone loves a good pair of ballet flats: They’re equal parts chic and comfortable! Your outfits (and feet!) will thank you.

3.An Elegant Blazer

Need an extra something to pull together an office look? Blazer. A great outerwear substitute when it’s not quite cold enough for a heavy coat? Blazer.

4.Slip-On Sneakers

Comfortable enough to walk miles in but way chicer than traditional running shoes, these sneakers give any outfit an extra dose of cool.

5. A Striped Shirt

How many tops look sophisticated with a pencil skirt, sexy with a pair of leather pants, and effortlessly relaxed matched with slouchy denim? Mix it with solids, florals, plaids, or other striped pieces—we’ve never met a piece of clothing it didn’t complement.

6.Classic Black Pants

Every girl needs one pair of black pants that will always make her feel good—the cut (high-waist or low rise, cropped or wide-leg) is up to you.

7.A Pair of Classic Pumps

Flats may have had a major revival this year, but there’s no escaping that heels are still a strong must-have.

8.Dark Denim

If you own one pair of denim, make it a dark-wash. Not only are they super slimming, they also work for a wider range of events than other washes.

9.A Classic White Shirt

With endless options for how to wear it, consider the classic white shirt your wardrobe’s pinch hitter.

10.A Little Black Dress

No item is more of a blank slate for accessorizing and styling yet completely chic on its own.

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