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Content ideas based at home for Bloggers, Influencers and Content Creators of all niche

As we all know, It is very important for all the content creators to be consistent on their chosen platforms, may it be Instagram, Facebook, blog, Youtube or Tiktok.

Otherwise, they lose their engagement rate and reach.

Engagement rate and reach are two important things that help you grow on social media platform and get brand collaborations as well.

I am a content creator on Instagram, So, I know about insights of Instagram blogging and how to grow on that platform. Actually, this is the best time to grow organically as you have much time to explore and know what kind of content your audience likes.

Due to lockdown, we are not able to go out and shoot at desired locations, cafe, garden,etc.

I am going to help you in making content at your home. I am sharing tips for creators of all the niche.

1) Share your fitness routine, fitness related images and videos which will motivate your audience to stay fit and healthy at home using existing resources.

2) If you are doing cooking, share recipe video or the final dish images with your audience.

3) Share your Skincare routine video.

4) Make Styling Videos and makeup tutorials as many as you can because before lockdown, we wanted to make a lot of them but never got enough time except weekends.

5) If you are running out of clothes, try some DIY outfits and share it with your audience.

6) Use throwback pictures which you never got chance to share.

7) Be creative, learn some editing skills, use presets.

8) Share your daily routine from morning to night on your stories to show how are you spending time.

9) Do live sessions and answer the questions of your audience, talk about things that are important at this time like anxiety, breathing exercises, mental health, women menstrual health, productivity, etc.

10) Follow the on going trends like #dontrushchallenge , #quarantinepillowchallenge , #recreatechallenge , #mothersday , etc.

11) Spread positivity in the times of uncertainty by entertaining people, making them laugh.

12) Share how can we make DIY masks at home.

13) Share how can we remove body and facial hair easily at home.

14) Share some helpful reviews about good quality masks, sanitizers, gloves, online platforms for ordering groceries, etc.

15) Host giveaways as most of the people are at home, we can expect maximum participation.

16) Do posts, videos and live sessions about social issues to make people aware of such issues and help NGOs in fund raising for the poor, distributing pads and other activities by doing free stories for them.

Keep yourself updated about how to start blogging and grow your page on Instagram, styling tips, makeup tricks and many more...

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Showcasing an #usualday




Motivating everyone to stay fit with #fitfamilychallenge

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Promoting #watch

Skin pampering with #serummask

Finding a corner and #shooting at home

#Styling Post

Night #skincare routine

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