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The Natural Wash Neem Soap Review

The Natural Wash (TNW) is an Ayurvedic brand with a mission to change lifestyles of people with 100% natural, organic, Paraben & Sulphate free quality products which include the daily care essentials. They have an exclusive range of skin & hair care products including handmade soaps, face, hair serum, cleansers, virgin oils, shampoo, lip balm, lip scrub, body wash, body lotion, and many more.

I got my hands on their signature product- Handmade Neem Soap and I am loving the product.

Enriched with several beneficial oil it keeps the skin moisturized.

• Neem helps to fight fungal, bacterial infections and cleanses off the germs

• It helps to reduce acne, pimples, itching and rashes.

• It has purifying properties that keeps skin cleans and infection free.

• Beneficial for both face and body

• It’s a unisexual product suitable for all skin types.

• It’s handmade herbal soap with no Silicon, Paraben and Sulphate which makes it quite safe for skin.

I would highly recommend their products to you guys. You can check out their products at amazon, flipkart and their own website.

Please check out their website fast guys!

I hope this review was helpful to you guys!

Keep reading my blogs at for more reviews and tips.

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